Caught up in the confusion of an illusion has led me to an undecided conclusion;

 You've took the reins to drive your crazy games searing my thoughts with verbal flames.

Ashes of my reality blowing away with my sense of normality, feelings of brutality left to befriend my mentality.

The price has been paid for another failed crusade, invade my heart and on my emotions continue to raid until there are not even goodbyes to trade.

Drowning in a diluted sea of regret, cursed from the day we met, a Shakespearean ending I did not select.

Arguing loud the heart breaks silent and proud flashing disguised smiles to an unknowing crowd.

Hallucinating my lack of care, to escape a world we no longer share, so this I must declare, I will bury all despair. 

Ill greet tomorrow with a smile, for this weight will only be carried for a while, my subscription to you was only a trial.

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