Power Of Words

Poets are humanoid creatures that teach us we don't all have to be lost citizens with forgotten opinions. Clever construction allowing for a deeper seduction, so open your mind for now and all of time. The power of a word can only be felt in the heart, from the start our minds dissect them and rip them apart. Every syllable is tangible on the tip of our tongue whether we are old or young. Never allow for an alphabetical thought to rot, always mentally expand and understand that knowledge comes not from a college but surrounds us and pounds away at us. Whether you begin to let in is for you decide but to you this I will confide; the more you are willing to comprehend the more reality will begin to bend and your ignorance will begin to mend. Words swallowed can never be digested, audibly infested, allowing for our mental capacity to be tested. There is no pass or fail, only minds that have been allowed to grow frail. So strengthen your view and allow for something new to enlighten what you thought was true and always pursue what you never knew was possible from you. If life is what you make it, why would you every try and fake it? Take the time to redesign your life. Allow the ideas inside to chime, for self-motivation is never a crime. They say ignorance is bliss but if that’s true then let me ask you this; if knowledge is power and life passes us hour by hour then in which would you prefer to allow your mind to shower? See I have bathed in the notion that life is as vast as an ocean and only through my own motion will I ever be able to overcome all this commotion that has left me with a bitter emotion. Words have lost all definitions, so I’m on an expedition to fix this condition, all you have to do is follow a long, you don’t need a subscription. Words are free but come with a fee, they can make a man bend down on one knee or become a parasite like a flea. How we wield them, can be our shield against ignorance and instead teach tolerance. So think before you speak, but keep your words strong and never weak, because without knowing, the more you speak, the more you teach.

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