Vaccination For the Soul

Incineration of the masses leaves the nations generation in ashes,

Incarceration of the mind leaves us blind.

Reincarnation of the soul is the only way we can ever feel whole,

This I have to come to know.

Wandering souls pondering riddles with no meaning,

Aimlessly aiming for a lie to keep their smiles gleaming.

A world of damnation built atop a rickety foundation, we have begun to lean.

An unstoppable force ready to topple, into the future I have seen.

The higher we climb the more rapid our society will decline, faster and faster we have begun to sprint.

Losing sight of the fight, morality falls aside as our inhibitions take flight, leaving us with no time to rent.

I stand alone in a growing society that has lost the right to individual variety and instead seeks acceptance.

Media fed drones with different chromosomes but similar faces and torn homes afraid of resistance.

This belief that conformity brings relief is the chief cause for my grief that leaves me feeling as thin as a leaf, alone on a tree in the fall.

I watch the others fall, yet I cling to my being, seeing from which I am fleeing until only I am standing tall.

So erase all doubt from today and toss away all dismay until you have found your inner core,

Redesign who you are, leaving the past as a scar viewed from afar and have the courage to unlock a new door.

Only then will your eyes realize the true lies that I have come to despise in order to be set free.

In order to recreate and be set straight we must vaccinate what we all helped create, or else pay a heavy fee.

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