Bouquets of thoughts decorate the halls of my inner sanctum,

Fluorescent memories, that allow me to cling to my own dictum.

Chapters of my existence build the climax of my current being,

Erasing doubt that yesterday’s tomorrow has been misleading.

Trustworthy mirrors only reflecting hallucinated dreams,

Blameful convictions allowing my secrets to slip through my pockets busted seams.

Stacked against me are the reasons for my thirsty tongue to taste defeat,

Only one reason to succeed and deep within my chest I feel its beat.

Twisted conceptions of the normality in orchestrated peace,

Force feeding lies to an unspoken greed that has grown obese.

Bathing in the shade cast down by those who fell for everything,

Faceless casualties of dollar sign zombies who stood for nothing.

Simplistic morals complicated through the yearning of acceptance,

A pioneer washed adrift from the masses I answer only to my independence.

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