Distained Humanity

 Condescending thoughts transcending to a distained emotion,

Simplistic isn’t always realistic when left to human notion.

Copyrighted memories bring delighted faces from a better day,

Isolated moments and populated stories keep us moving, allowing us to sway.

Seeing, isn’t always believing, since the truth remains in plain sight,

Sifting through hope, drifting through the impossible, towards happiness we fight.

Searching for what we can’t find, researching what we know, life is a misplaced lie,

Forgotten morals left like cotton in the fields, picked by some while others refuse to try.

Laid to rest are the founding values, leaving only nightmares to raid our once great society,

Consuming fear, constantly looming over a population polluted with anxiety.

Turning around may be too late for where we have gone there is no returning, forever lost,

We have lost the path, if there is a future there is no way to see, yet we continue forward no matter the cost.

Greed has become the standard from which we can’t be freed, a viral infection,

Diagnosis of the people has uncovered their psychosis, a disorder that has chosen humanity as its selecton.

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