The Letter

To the one who changed it all:
Like an empire you built my heart true and strong, only to let it fall. A moth to the flame, you drew me in closer and closer until it was too late to feel the burn. No signal, I never saw our relationship taking this unexpected turn. Separated by distance, both us and your thighs. Blind to the reality that through a phone we would say our final goodbyes. Though the blame cannot be put entirely on you, for my flaws are worn like a pair of fitted jeans. Stitched together by my imperfections, just waiting to be split at the seams. Short phone calls, I cared more of a good time than hearing your voice. Now every night I would cherish to hear it if given the choice. A short fuse, constant yelling and screaming and I don’t know why. Tormenting myself each time I had to hear you cry. Looking back at it all I get a glimpse of how I wanted my life to be. Yet because of the past, when the present presents a future with another I always flee. My heart still beats, but you took away the life it once treasured. The pain left behind could never be measured. Yet here I sit four years later, writing a letter your eyes will never see. Thoughts of what was and what again will never be. I hope you will forever be happy with whatever life throws your way. Please know my love for you still stands strong and will never sway.

Yours Truly,
A broken heart.

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