Life & Greed

Lost in a distant memory, I hear the nearby dreams calling.
Yesterday has come and gone, tomorrow is patiently waiting but today is stalling.
The seconds seem to drag, but then before we know it time has moved as quick as a blink.
Floating down the river of life, we wait for the moments in which we let ourselves sink.
The days are long but life is short, a numbing anesthetic truth.
The longer our existence goes on, the more we enjoy life like a well-aged vermouth.
Tormented by our inner complexities, confused by the outer world’s deceitfulness.
Just flowers waiting to blossom, we cannot call ourselves men until we understand righteousness.
So push me not towards the arrogance of success, but to the teachings of failure.
Find pleasure not in the spoils of victory, the lessons in defeat is what we should painfully treasure.
So intertwined in the details of our own existence, we forget the coexistence of others.
Bleeding lies from the mouth, yet we stand tall and call each other brothers.
Green paper seems to be the only concern, looking for ones followed by zeroes.
A time when man turns his back, everything comes with a price, even our heroes.
The motivation of greed continues to grow, blocking out the sun, we live in its shadow.
Clotting the veins of society, until we realign what’s fair, this filth shall continue to flow.

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