Decisions of the Heart

Simplistic thoughts design a complex mind,
Questions I seek yet only answers do I find.
I bring you in, just so I can watch from the outside,
In the arms of misery I do confide, both options leave me petrified.
A lifestyle I've come to cherish,
Or a relationship that could slowly perish?
Happiness in both, yet they come at a cost.
Searching for an answer yet I only feel myself getting more lost.
Underneath all the frost, my heart still offers compassion
Yet I keep it under lock and key in a secured fashion.
To scared to hand over the keys, to stubborn to give up the fun.
Every time I find a place to stay, I grab my shoes and out the door I run.
Giving you everything could leave me with nothing,
Keeping it all and Id have my happiness, yet Id only be bluffing.
Each choice leaves me feeling incomplete,
A curse I must carry till my final heartbeat.
So for now Ill avoid the exposure,
And keep my heart within its meaty enclosure.

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