This Party Called Life

I live this life in a daze,
Consuming the poison that complicates this maze.
The passing girls hold no value,
Entertainment for the night looking for a clue.
I stumble from memory to memory with intoxicated smiles,
A lifestyle chosen, I accept the comming trials.
Under the influence of todays youth,
A life to make of my own is a constant truth.
Good times before all,
This is my lifestyle untill I fall.
Wrong or right is never the question,
But merely a suggestion.
Through our actions we obtain one or the other,
It makes not the pages of our lives but the cover.
Success and friends are all that matter,
A full life ready to explode like a drunken bladder.
Ill fill this empty glass of life for a cheers,
Surrounded by the smiles of friends and cheap beers.
I may die young or I may die old,
Either way through the endless nights my story will be told.
So when the final party dies down,
Let it be known my eyes closed with a smile, not a frown.

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