Sleepless Nights

The sun sets as my mind awakes, heavy thoughts, it aches.
Yet under the pressure it refuses to break, genuine artifact, I am not a fake.
What happened today, and what’s destined for tomorrow?
Is the future ours to borrow? Is the past captured in sorrow?
The present is a present, each passing moment a chance to resent.
This negativity is lie, left the positive to die, but it’s all I got left to try and get bye.
Hanging on by a fingertip, I’m losing my grip, my sanity’s about to slip.
If life’s a bitch is death her brother? Two souls without a mother.
Tossing and turning, my thoughts are burning, it’s my memories that are churning.
I reflect on the wrong, through my weakness I pretend to be strong.
On the surface my smiles are cynical, yet underneath its depressing, clinical.
I chase my dreams, but it seems they are unraveling at the seams.
Sleep is the master of hide and seek, under my eye lids I peek, yet my attempts are weak.
This sleepless evasion, prevents a dreams invasion, I just can’t fall for the Sandman’s persuasion.
Next I know I feel a warm embrace, the suns kiss on my face, before I know it my thoughts stop in place.
Sleep takes my hand to show me the way, my vision begins to sway, then it all slips away.

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