Success of Rejection

Laying in bed I keep checking the time, can’t find a dream with you on my mind.
Tomorrow seems so far away, when yesterday just said goodbye and gave a wave.
Time isn’t a factor when memories are forever, she said never but I never say never.
Clever rhymes leading to temporary smiles that just won’t last, living in the infant past,
wishful glances is what I cast.
What she don’t want another will crave, bury these feelings in a shallow grave.
An emotional hoarder these feelings I will forever save, yet free from loves shackles I’ll never be a slave.
This feeling won’t last long, soon it’ll all be gone, there’s always another to which I’ll grow fond.
Just because there’s something special about you don’t mean tomorrow this won’t be just another case of déjà vu.
Your something fun and new, yet easily replaced like an old worn shoe.
You may not think of me and that’s just fine, but one by one all your friends will be mine.

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