New Relationship

These clouded indecisions, leaving mental incesions,
tuned into what I want but it only comes in visions.
Glimpses of interlocked fingers pierce my heart like
thousands of metaphorical stingers.
I flee, try to escape what my emotions force me to see,
The further I run the more the shackles bind, just please set me free.
On the verge of another broken heart, and we havnt even given this relationship a start,
so I force us to stay apart, but it only deepens the roots youve set in my heart.
Growing, consuming, take everything I have to give, Ill do whatever it takes for this
feeling to continue to live.
Take a glimpse into the pages of my history, shed some light on the mystery,
learn the truth before we share an anniversary.
The anatomy of the situation is so complexed, it leaves the body and soul
perplexed, vexed.
Agitated, can't think, it's like Ive been decapitated. This situation wasnt premeditated,
but I feel like you want me amputated from your life, I can no longer be facilitated.
Then the feeling flees with the moment, leaving all the hostility dormant.
A smile appears and it all rushes away, from these arms I know youd never stray and for now
everything is ok.
Fear was the pupeteer, closer than near, away from you it tried to steer.
Through it all Im still here, just waiting for you to call me dear.
Fill my hand with yours, unlock all the closed doors, together our happiness can soar,
as long as your looking for something more.

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