Just A Fling

It started out as only a fling.
But now that its over I wish it would have turned into something.
Anything, anything at all,
Something to catch me instead of letting my heart fall.
Flawlessly flawed with the perfect imperfections,
Just two strangers who knew each other all to well and tried to ignore the conections.
Genuine smiles over shadowed by the shadow of a lie,
Keeping our hearts buried inside, refusing to admit we want to try.
Killing my feelings, an internal genocide,
The test is always the same, your presence leaving my heart crucified.
Things have been quiet for so long, the slightest noise hurts my ears,
Yet by your side I welcome the volume, and release all my fears.
Your absence reminds me of the coldness of a lonely dream,
Leaving me to want to call you back, to let it all out through a scream.
Yet the days have become nothing more but black X's in little squares,
We are left to feel empty like a sold out arena with empty chairs.
Realizing it all passed us by without a second glance,
Life pushing us away from a second chance.
I have to go, but your a guest in my heart that I cannot ask to leave,
The only goodbye will be the tears wiped silently away on a familiar sleeve.
So as my smile fades into the horizon and memories are all we have left to cherish,
Dont feel sad, for as long as you remember what was, what we had will never parish.

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