The Things I Always Fail To Say

To be the man I need to be for her, I condem myself to a internal prison, chaind and bound. My mind has drifted to far to hear the calling of sanitys reality. You keep me close yet with the price of distance, these things you say manipulating my senses. These things you say echoing in my head, oh the things you say. She offers me everything yet blind to the truth, that I would trade everything for her.

The smile of an angel with the words of a surgeon. Her love is the morphine. Going under Ill dream of your smile as the nightmare of reality awaits for me to wake. There I am safe from a reality I have been forced to digest. The taste of truth is all to bitter, yet I prefer it over the sweetness of a lie.

Lets make room atop the shelf for memories yet to come, where the story takes us we'll never know unless we read on. Though if the pictures begin to fade and we get to goodbye, promise me we'll go back to hello. Perhaps the second time through, Ill be able to say all things I always fail to say.

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