Thinking Out Loud

Life races forward but Im left behind,
Searching for something unknown, hopelessness is all I can find.
I gave it my all only to fail,
Left stranded without wind for my sail.
Every tragedy holds a lesson to learn,
So Im getting wiser at every turn.
Seeing the world around me, Im blind to the destination,
Left to feel useless, feeding my frustration.
Lashing out for all the wrong reasons,
Forcing my own solitude through the passing seasons.
The more I continue to push you away,
The more I just want you to stay.
Ill figure it out but it wont be soon enough,
Through these trials my Will shall be made tough.
Determination on one shoulder, fear on the other,
False happiness worn on the cover.
Giving up in the back of my head with each passing day,
Though deep down something refuses to allow me to live this way.
End it all quick and easy, the thoughts grow and consume,
This is all failure in a deathly costume.
My personal success I must continue to chase,
So that the man in the mirror will be able to look me in the face.
Confusion is all I know at this point in time,
But at the end of the day its all I have left to call mine.

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