Please Know

A simple smile from you can change my day,
Living this crazy life beside you seems to be the only way.
The word friend does not explain what you mean to me,
Lover may be to strong, so it seems I must use multiple words you see.
Never for another have I cared so greatly for,
Never before have I wanted to let someone in more and more.
If life was cruel and took you from my side,
I would have no other in who I could confide.
If your heart was to stop I would give you my own,
My death for your life, but my love would be known.
You say I shouldnt love you for all your imperfections,
But these bring us closer, they are our connections.
With deep roots my love for you grows each day like a tree,
Ready to offer you shade untill Im ready to get down on one knee.
Im far away from perfect, but when Im with you I understand perfection,
Even in the darkest of times in my eyes I see your reflection.
No matter what life puts in front of us Ill be here,
Even if Im off far, Im always near.
My heart longs to know its going to be me and you untill the end of time,
Ill serve the sentence, I plea guilty for loving you to much is my biggest crime.

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