Dead Before You Die

False truths, sugar coatings, its all alround.
The people today need to find a home six feet under the ground.
To weak for truth, to scared to say what needs to be said.
All these spinless souls, nothing but the living dead.
A pathetic sense of humanity has become an infection,
Timid vessels who have lost all real connection.
Truth dangles its feet over the edge of real,
While weakness numbs what some will never feel.
These sad truths, a thick fog that lingers,
Leaves its impression like a print from our fingers.
I refuse to sit here and listen to those without much to say.
An asshole I may be, but least Im real untill the day I silently lay.
Humanity as a whole has become a disease,
Weak and quick to drop to their knees.
I will stand proud and refuse to follow the trend,
My will is strong and refuses to bend.
Fuck your lack of courage and these civil ways to live by,
If you dont stand as a man, youll be dead long before you die.

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