Thoughts In The Wind

My thoughts have finally unwraveled, layd out on the floor.
Scared they will blow away, so please close the door.
Nothing makes sense when its written in clarity,
The smoke filled confusion is all part of lifes charity.
The blueprints of my mind I know all to well,
Though the deeper I dive the more I become lost in my own shell.
The compass points north yet I head south,
Deaf to violent winds of gossip that plague the worlds mouth.
The stranger in the mirror offers little advice,
His problems born from the same device.
The solution lies hidden within,
So let the self exploration begin.
The journey can take you farther than we know,
Without leaving our place the invisible footprints proof that we did go.
So pack your worries away because they will only slow you down,
As the waters rise, will you swim or drown?

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