Silently Missing You

Years have passed since our time together,
But that doesnt mean I still dont want you for forever.
We made our mistakes this is true,
But never did I think Id regret saying "We're through".
Perhaps our youth was the biggest fault,
A love locked away in a forgotten vault.
Our lives have drifted further and further apart,
Yet the farther you are the more I feel you in my heart.
Youve found happiness and for that I am pleased,
Yet from us I was never trully released.
I cling to faded memories like a blanket of comfort,
Knowing with my own depression I continue to flirt.
With no right to ask for another chance,
I can only whisper the words to the man in the mirror on which I glance.
I dream of us together again if only for a day,
Only to awake to the nightmare that its not next to me that you lay.
To reunite would be something so fluent,
But for now Ill just remain silent.

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