Trying To Hard

Constantly there, waiting to make you smile,
Though she says she needs space, if only for awhile.
Thinking through his kindness can he do no wrong,
Unaware hes comming on like cheap cologne, to strong.
In the end shes gonna leave,
She has to get away, strangled and cant breath.
A broken heart but a lesson learned,
Now the tables have turned.
The next he will do better,
He vowed from the moment he met her.
No more smothering no more sweet man,
To keep his new woman he has a master plan.
Be a dick, treat her like shit,
The routine seems to work, a perfect fit.
Though she will grow bored and want something more,
It wont be long till she to walks out the door.
Sad and alone he will sit and contemplate,
How his own personality can he regulate.
Nice and they fled, mean they ran away,
To please a woman he cant find the way.
Blind to realize he is the blame,
Treating relationships like a game.
If only he had relaxed and been himself,
Hed have more than empty pictures on a shelf.

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