Love of a Friend

Together, we were supposed to be,
With silent words I still plea.
A fairytale of our own design,
Though misplaced but never forgotten with time.
In his arms you have found yourself,
Placing what we shared to collect dust atop the shelf.
A fake smile for I am still your friend,
Hiding my love will become my latest trend.
Pretending it was all make believe,
Hiding the truth on a mascara stained sleeve.
Ill always want it to be us,
But I cant throw a fuss.
If your happiness is found with another,
Then my jealousy I will smother.
A friend you will forever remain,
Even if I have to swallow my pain.
Wash it down with the taste of blood,
As I bite my tounge, preventing a emotional flood.
So just know my love will never fade,
As this heart beats for the one it was trully made.

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