A Timid Heart

Ill open the door but wont let you in,
My hospitality is less than thin.
Wanting us to be something more,
Than discarded pictures scattered on the floor.
I look into your eyes overwhelmed with fear,
For your the one who could get me to shed a tear.
Ill lose you to myself knowing this inside,
Our love a double homicide, my own suicide.
Killing this relationship is killing me,
To dive in would set me free.
Toes over the edge, afarid to take a leap,
Knowing untill I do Ill only see you when I sleep.
So if I give you my heart, will you give me your hand?
If I told you I loved you, would you understand?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For me this is a very personal piece. Its about wanting to be with a woman but being scared to fully commit to the relationship because of past heartbreaks.

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