Learn From Me

Together we were, but that time has passed,
Romantic lies that could never last.
A love so real, lets not pretend,
The only bliss was in our end.
An abomination doomed from the start,
Its impossible to break a frozen heart.
So let your smile fade my dear,
Our end was only cause for my cheer.
Its hard to lose everything when you meant nothing,
Its hurts doesnt it? Thinking we had something.
From this pain youll recover,
And another love youll discover.
Though the memory will never fade,
A strong heart I have made.
A destroyer of hearts, you can thank me later,
Of true love, secretly I am the creator.
By breaking what resides in your chest,
The subliminal teachings begin to manifest.
Making you weak will only make you stronger,
Blind to fake love you will be no longer.
Tears like magnifying glasses to see past the disguise,
Able to decipher truth from lies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I got the idea for this after a girl I had been with hit me up after months of not talking to thank me for everything I did to her. She expressed how doing what I did gave her more self confidence in the end and the courage to stand up for herself. Also she expressed how I made her realize that she cant rush into something and how it made her more guarded.

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