Feelings To You


Step out from my dreams into reality,
For you my heart has never ending hospitality.
Erase my pain and Ill devour yours,
This key to my heart can open all the doors.
Let yourself in and stay as long as you please,
Together forever my heart plees.
Take your time to mend what was broken,
And words of intimacy will be the only ones spoken.
Safe in your hands my heart resides,
Many failed attempts at the combination, groomless brides.
It has always been you even before I realized,
That you would be the one to see through my disguise.
This time with you I will always treasure,
As my love for you swells beyond all sense of measure.
Time will be our one true friend,
Giving us memories untill the end.
So close your eyes and sleep at night,
Knowing my dark heart turns to you for light.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know this is short and very simple but thats how I wanted to keep it. I had the idea in my head and just wanted to get it out as quick as possible.

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