Heart Disease

Pushing you away until its to late,
Swallowing my loneliness, self inflicted fate.
The past has left its curse,
A story of heartbreak with no written verse.
A mistreated heart has brought me here,
To a place where romance understands fear.
These wounds are not of the flesh,
But with my emotions do they mesh.
Treating you like her just isn't fair,
Though a frozen heart never seems to care.
Its a sick cycle that goes round and round,
Our own insecurities keeping us bound.
She hurt me, but you'll pay the price,
This pain a contagious parasite, like lice.
So tomorrow when your but a mere memory,
I apologize for infecting you with my misery.
Its a shame to know that with this disease,
Another heart will drop a few degrees. 

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