Happiness Does'nt Find You

You bitch and you cry,

Though you refuse to try.

You want this, you want that,

In such a hurry, you want it stat.

A secret I will share,

Suck it up, life isnt fair.

Youll never grasp what you crave,

By complaining, digging your own grave.

Get off your ass you piece of shit,

You want the world yet there you sit.

Finding happiness is what they say,

Yet frozen in time you allow yourself to stay.

What you seek will not seek you out,

So why do you wait, and continue to pout?

Dont be afarid to go after your prize,

Even if you failed after a thousand tries.

Success was never acheived through complaints,

Only holds you back, your own restraints.

If you dont act now, your dreams will leave you behind,

Hapiness does not look for you, its up to you to find.

Now go grasp what you seek,

Or are you just a coward, scared and weak?

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