Far away, I couldn't wait to get
Leave this place in my memories
Pretend it was all a dream
Though the further I run
The harder I feel it pull
Like gravity, theres no fighting it
A place filled with so much pain
Though over shadowed by smiles and joy
I tried to turn it into my own hell
Though in my mind its forever my sanctuary
So now I run to the place I fled
Finding peace and clear thoughts
So from time to time I allow a visit
Though every time I'm in a hurry to leave
Coming home in search of something different
Only to find the same old faces
Doing the same old things
Will it ever change?
Or will it forever be a reminder?
A reminder of why I left,
Why I had to leave in the first place
Each time I return its never for long
The pathetic people living their pathetic lives
Forcing me to see why I cant bring myself to stay
Forcing me to escape what pulls them all down
As I leave with a smile on my face
My heart becomes heavy
A place I no longer reside
Though I can still call home

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