Sweet Revenge

-Your sins of lust are the result
of my misguided trust.-

-I will piss out the flames of your desire,
from hell my hate will transpire.-

-Killing you is only the beginning,
the final chapter with you as the ending.-

-A mangled corpse is all that will remain,
a bloody canvas to display my pain.-

-Injecting my life just once more,
raping a cunt I tried to adore.-

-Defecating into that cock hungry orifice,
your acts of betrayal deserve every bit of this.-

-Wishing you could hear his soon to come screams,
while sewing shut your tool for my pain at the seams.-

-Parting the cold flesh with red stained steel,
a symbol to him that nightmares are real.-

-Washing my hands clean of your lies,
once I've removed them deceitful eyes.-

-My sick mind stopping to realize what I have done,
laughing as it was all to fun.-

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