The Game We Cannot Win

-Whats going on, can you help me,
my soul is broken cant you see?-

-Only you can offer a solution to my condition,
please help me with this new life, this transition.-

-I feel like I'm walking this dark corridor,
yet my feet remain glued to the floor-

-Life is pushing me against my own accord,
away from that which I once adored.-

-Why is it all slipping astray,
for my sins, is this the price I pay?-

-Losing everything once cherished,
death forcing my eyes to realize what has perished.-

-How do you prevent the un-preventable,
as fate dangles in front of you the un-obtainable?-

-Do you see not what is transpiring,
life and death side by side conspiring.-

-Its all a cycle that they both will win,
life giving death a victim of sin.-

-Death cleansing a soul as retribution,
life starting over with fresh clensation.-

-So we will never conquer these master craftsman,
as they control all to come and what has been.-

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