The Deed of Revenge

Embrace a dying memory of a false emotion,
Fake smiles hiding a hostile notion.
The time of us has come for you to leave me,
One night, One knife, One decision will determine my destiny.
Killing you only banishes a corrupt soul to my personal hell,
May the torturing begin as the lock clicks on your cell.

You picked a game where I make the rules,
Your blood only one of the many stains upon my tools.
Pushing and pushing, you finally have found a mans breaking point,
So as I push back close your eyes and embrace the cold.
Open your eyes now to witness what comes next,
Is it death? You couldn't get that lucky bitch.

Allow me to peel back your skin and,
take a bite before the end.
Screams of your agony provoke a smile,
My pleasure grows as you choke on your own bile.
Watching the color leave your lips,
Structures of a ruined mind began to collapse,
Leaving you to your own personal annihilation.

My games driving you insane,
Tearing out the workings of a puny brain.
Feeble, your to pathetic to even compete with me,
I ran this fiasco before the realization of the situation,
So as you try to think of way to survive,
Excuse me while I part your throat.

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