Your Own Doing

Part the flesh and taste the wound,
Illustrate emotion using a fleshy canvas.
Cloud your vision with
bottomless wells.
Deep enough to hold the truth
yet overflowing with regret.
Eyes never lie only confess
So continue to hide the truth
Go ahead and display another lie.
You Pretend all is as it should be
Yet alone you execute your silent torture
You commit your sins
and submit your punishment.
Only to realize what you have done,
making excuses to others who bear witness.
Your mind has grown weak
Breaking down your psyche
You can only help yourself
And this you know.
Still day to day
Sympathy you welcome
With open arms.
This is your curse you have created
Only you can banish it
Yet comfortable to you it has come
So before you decide to take
The easy way out banish yourself
Understand your courage
Will be answered with new hope
Friends not seeing scars
or a human canvas
But a human being


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