Cheating Death

-Air fills my lungs as my I see my first sight,
knowing what nothing is, being blinded by light.-

-For awhile everything is wonderful,
soon my mom would feel so dreadful.-

-My body goes limp, goes cold,
hes dying my mother is told.-

-New life ending as quickly as it came,
why me, is god to blame?-

-My mothers screams reaching my silent ears,
he misery falling from her face in tears.-

-Slowly time ticks on as mine has paused,
not even an hour old, look at the pain I've caused.-

-A mothers heart pleading in sorrow,
wishing to hold her child for today and tomorrow.-

-Life answers the call, filling a lifeless heart,
giving hope, along with a new start.-

-Here I sit today remembering the story,
avoiding death, cheating him from his glory.-

-I will never forget how luck smiled down,
every day loving my family, as I'm still around.-

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This ones from a personnel experience

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