Ugly Beauty

Just another pretty face,
Some eye candy for the human race.
You've got it all, or so you feel,
Though beyond that your fake, not real.
What your lacking most dont realize,
That your looks are misleading, beautiful lies.
A beautiful face, with an ugly persona,
Accepting it would only cause you trauma.
Treating others how you please,
In your mind they should bow on their knees.
So here I come to rain on your parade,
Showing you your life is all a charade.
You think your beautiful but youve been confused,
So many have you hurt, their feelings you abused.
So with this knife I will demonstrate,
The pain in others you create.
When your beauty has been taken away,
Will your feelings begin to sway?
Perhaps now you wont be so blind,
A decent person within you maybe youll find.
This lesson is harsh, to some cruel,
But never again will you use a person as a tool.
With an ugly face how will you survive?
With no real soul to keep you alive.
Perhaps now it will be known,
Through our skin true beauty cannot be shown.
An ugly face to match whats inside,
Now your alone with not a soul to confide.
Perhaps one day it will become clear,
A pretty face isnt enough to keep people near.

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