The Price We Pay


Cash it all in, all bets are off.
The stakes are to high, the risk is all mine,
Yet you continue to gamble, throwing my love into the pot.
So I'm pulling the trump card, packing up my winnings,
and leaving you with nothing...


The price we pay, to buy a hand in love,
Often times the chips wont stack that high.
So place your bets and watch it fail,
As the dealer hands out the cards,
And the hearts of kings and queens break,
we realize THE PRICE WE PAY!

Our love was a run of luck, a pull of the lever.
The slots continued to spin, avoiding the jackpot,
Keeping us from true love.
So as the last coin falls into the slot, I say my good byes
Leaving you to pay the debts, leaving you to be lonely.

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