Blood Drunk

A predictable heart that never thaws,
A questionable smile, at my face it claws.
Your blood stains my lips,
Under my knife your skin easily rips.
Tomorrow will never get to say hello,
Forever you will rest, six feet below.
Horror burned to your lifeless eyes,
My ears continue ringing with your cries.
Forever will your family feel despair,
Even if I'm caught and strapped in the chair.
Theres no erasing what I have done,
I must admit, it was a little to fun.
Remorse is something I will never feel,
Killing is my hunger, your death my meal.
There is no hope for one such as I,
Tomorrow another, at my hands they will die.
To this disease do I succumb,
Until nothing of me remains, not even a crumb.
Pretend is all you know, thinking you understand pain,
Though I am the teacher, my lessons you cannot restrain.
Killing you is not the end,
This blood drunk feeling is my latest trend.

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