Walls Made of Flesh

Peel back the skin and let me see inside,
Let me see what you hide, show me
where your soul confides.
The flesh is only the outer shell,
Hiding whats inside, your personal hell.
Its much easier to have our walls of secrecy,
Judged on how they appear, rather than
Having the inner workings that determine our
Character judged. Walls of the flesh have no emotions,
Only keep them hidden deep inside.
These walls feel no pain as the bleed,
They merely reflect the weakness of that which,
We try to keep hidden safely behind our walls.
Yet when these walls are breached, and someone
Is allowed to look beyond their boundaries, what do they see?
Will they see a wounded soul whose bandages will never be removed?
Perhaps they see someone lost looking for the right path.
Either way they could not see until the walls have collapsed,
Every ones walls look different, yet they all protect
Something similar, and still so different from one to another.
So as you gaze upon the walls of another, remember,
No matter how the walls of flesh appear,
What they protect might be something completely different.

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