A Breaking Society

Sit back and close your eyes,
As the remains of a once great society slowly dies.
Morals and honor nothing more than forgotten traits,
A society judged by the hate it creates.
Walking in a endless maze hopeless and lost,
We couldn't find our way out no matter the cost.
So wrapped up in our own circumstances,
We ignore our fellow man in need without offering even caring glances.
To involved to spare a moment of compassion,
You keep walking in your snobbish fashion.
A society aware of its problem, its cancer,
Yet is blind to the obvious answer.
Individuals are not the blame,
For we are all guilty and carry the same shame.
Perhaps helping those in troubled times,
Is a step to repenting for a societies crimes.
Embrace those pushed away,
And punish those who have caused them dismay.
The good in people has fallen astray,
One day to return, until then I pray.
I pray the bond of men will someday return,
Before its to late and the cities fall as the fires of hate burn.

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