The Cure to our Disease

Todays mistakes are reborn from yesterdays thoughts,
Shaping tomorrows destiny before its born.
Life is that of fresh fruit, slowly it rots,
Happiness constantly executed, leaving only pain to be worn.
We cling to hope, fear of punishment for our sins
Our hope slips away, leaving us to fend in the dark
Like the plague carrying winds,
This to shall pass leaving its everlasting mark.
The scars will tell the stories untold,
A harsh truth that only the blind can read.
As fates tempest comes be bold,
A clensation is coming with the weak left for dead.
Cling to all that you hold dear,
And taste the peace brought by the kiss of Osiris.
By your passing may your sins become clear,
Under Thoth's microscope like a virus.
Pray to gods who seek our end and no longer adore,
Killing the disease is the only true cure.
Our gods can take our behavior no more,
Our apocalypse, turning the infected once again pure.

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