Shut Up and Die


No apologies, No sugar coated lies
None of its going to save you tonight,
As the results of your actions, are portrayed
With each cut I lay into your cold flesh.
Keep begging me to stop,
It only drives these feelings of hate.
Keep on begging bitch (SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!)
Your tears, your cries, only help make up for all the lies.

Cold steel on the flesh, his hands on your breasts
A razor across your throat, his lips caress your neck
The blood pours from a busted lip, his lips infect yours
Another nail in your coffin, another act of your betrayal.


I gave you all I had and more,
but now I'm taking it all back.
Ill give you what he never could,
A bed six feet from the sunset.
As the sun will rise, you'll remain asleep
Dreaming forever, haunted by your actions
Its to late for retribution, this is your EXECUTION!

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