A lesson in Life

As the sun sets on a long day,
Will it rise again, or fall astray?
Tomorrow is never promised only expected,
What would happen if it failed, left us rejected?
Taken for granted, never appreciated only affiliated.
Many would awake only to ask why,
Few would understand, others would try.
Never take for granted what is uncertain,
Until the end has come, and closes the curtain.
Understand some things shall never be understood,
And life would be simple if only it could.
Only once to each of us is life given out,
Yet so many few pass without ever knowing what its about.
They compromise happiness for pain,
Never smiling at the sunshine, only hurting in the rain.
Live free, live happy is the lesson here,
For every second of the day each end draws near.
If only one chance is given to each,
Why is there no teacher to teach?
We all are lost, some more than others,
Bonded in some fashion we have forgotten our own brothers.
The amnesia that plagues us all,
plagues us all until we fall.
Blame everyone but ones self,
Until our urn is placed atop a shelf.
When the dark one knocks at our door,
Thats when regret takes us, we drop to the floor.
We pray for a second chance, but its to late,
We must take the pain and hurt we decided to create.
In the end, life is what you design,
Like a grape bitter or sweet it becomes our wine.
Fertilize it with happiness and bliss,
Or perish with regret upon deaths final kiss.

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