He screams her name


"He Screams Her Name"

He wakes up in the middle of night,
His bed empty, all alone
All he ever wanted was a chance
A chance to love her
But she had to follow her heart down a different road...

All I ever wanted was to make you mine,
All you had to do was give me the time.
You chose a different path, Left me standing alone
Now In the middle of the night I scream your name

He hears the wind whisper her name,
Since she walked away, things haven't been the same.
He tries to erase all the loving memories,
Wants to hate the one he cant help but love.
He knows her heart isn't for his,
Yet she walked away holding his in hand..

Slaughter my hope, kill this disease
In the middle of the night, down on my knees
Heart filled with pain, head held in shame
In the middle of the night, I scream your name!

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