Days of the Old


A world long forgotten arises from ashes,
The code of the old becomes common law.
Everything your hold sacred falls apart,
Taken away as the waves of destiny roll in.
Everything forgotten plants its seed in our memories
Insisting to be reborn, refusing to remain silent.
So as the present moves on,
The past makes its final stand.

Listen, hear the screams of the innocent,
Witness, the fall of the irrelevant
Feel, the dying winds enchantment,
Inhale, visions of the worlds, disembodiment,
Swallow, the taste of lies, a broken covenant.

We will all fall victim to the curse of time,
Being punished for every single crime.
Understand that some things will never be understood,
So as the tempest comes cling to what you hold dear.
Because the time of reflection draws near.
Its to late for our salvation,
Welcome death as not the end but a new sensation
The purging of sins, a final clensation.

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