Distant Dreams

-Having never felt your kiss,
I dream of our lips meeting in perfect bliss.-

-Taking you in my arms so tight,
holding you as you sleep in harmony through the night.-

-Two souls under one moon,
both wishing to be together soon.-

-Often wondering if perfection is real,
searching for an explanation on how you make me feel.-

-Long days I long for your touch,
nights craving to kiss you all to much-

-I have searched for so long before,
yet known such as you do I adore.-

-Restless nights as you fill my dreams,
my fantasies bursting at the seams.-

-Looking to the stars wondering where you are,
knowing love is off somewhere far.-

-Will I ever be able to call you mine,
or will you just be in my dreams until the end of time?-

-I sit in darkness yet I still see your face,
lighting my minds eye with beauty and grace.-

-For now you remain a distant pleasure,
until we meet my feelings shall grow beyond measure.-

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