-Every day I live, with you in my heart,
thinking of how we were so sadly ripped apart.-

-Pictures of your smiling face are all that remains,
tears flood my eyes, oh how my heart pains-

-I never had the chance to say I love you,
as I was only three and you were two.-

-I'm here and your there, but we have both grown,
my loved locked in a heart,for a brother unknown.-

-How I wish we could share a moment in time,
just so one memory of you I could call mine.-

-Yet I know somewhere you patiently wait,
until we are joined once again by fate.-

-I have no memories of our time shared,
but know for you I have always cared.-

-All I want is to embrace you tight,
and yes, shed a few tears I might.-

-Your my brother and always will be,
looking to the stars I see you smile down on me.-

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for my brother who passed away when we were young.

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