The Breakup Letter

- Your dreams and fantasies I tried to fill,
hate is how you respond even still-

-How do I make you see all of this,
when despise is all I taste in your kiss.-

-I hide my heart ache with smiles and flowers,
yet alone my tears come like the spring showers.-

-Love is supposed to be a feeling of joy,
yet I cant help but feel I'm a puppet, your toy.-

-Using me when its convenient for your pleasure,
these scars have grown to a point beyond measure.-

-How much more will I allow my heart to endure,
courage failing me every time I think of walking out the door.-

-So here I sit with your picture in my hand,
knowing I love you to much to make a stand.-

-I never thought Id find one to call my dove,
filling me with hate, with a side of love.-

-Once I was happy and cared only for us,
but now I see I have misplaced my trust.-

-So since I'm to cowardly to walk away,
inside my heart I pack my love and dismay-

-As you read this it will be to late,
in my hands lies my fate.-

-A pull of the trigger and it will all be well,
tonight I dine in heaven, as you dine in a lonely hell.-

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