Dying Light

Apologies have worn out their welcome and the qualities of a smile have become seldom. Ghostly memories of past mistakes mostly to blame for these venomous restraints. Take my hope and give me your pain, break these chains or drown in the stain. Fight after fight has left me fatigued, yet the light of your love still keeps me intrigued. Distant we continue to drift but in a instant true loves kiss could cause these tides to shift. Glued with despair trying to keep it together, a shrewd umbrella giving way in this stormy weather. Searching for resolve I fear you are already lost, lurching towards the truth afraid of the cost. Already have I fallen so by your side I will stand, steady and calm so long as our hearts share a strand. Should everything crumble and give way under the weight, could you give me one last true kiss to seal our fate?

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