Laying in the silence, deaf from all the footsteps of a traveling conscience. Tomorrow's subsidence a direct result of today's mentality that is surely noxious. Seeking comfort in isolation yet isolated from a comforting embrace. My own deformation a constant risk while every mirror shows only disgrace. Who I am persistently chasing the man I strive to personify. Consistently he alludes me, reminding me the two I'll never be able to unify. Swallowing the truth only to chase it with lies, wallowing in a misguided self doubt that leaves a taste of despise. Self diagnosis, the results are conclusive, my psychosis has taken over while rational thoughts remain illusive. My identity lost in a calculated riddle that seductively plays me like a fiddle. Harmonic confusion echoes through my occupied cranium turning what's familiar into something alien. Pieces of me swept away in the winds of change leaving behind only these abandoned answers that color me strange. This mirror reflects only an unfinished portrait of an artist who's masterpiece still lies dormant.

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