Broken Mentality

Living loudly so kill me slowly and not a soul will notice. Friends are just a distraction from waiting for a beautiful death to bloom like a lotus. Living together just to die alone, afraid of social solitude yet abandoned as our inner thoughts roam. Oblivious to today yet giving our all for tomorrow, constantly searching for happiness but safe in sorrow. Hiding behind smiles only to be found by misery while trying to decipher life's greatest mystery. Swimming in a sea of hope only to drown in regret, living free yet never escaping deaths net. Clinging to the memories only to lose grip on reality while seeking the questions that hold the answers to our triviality. When it comes to joy I've forgotten the feeling, replaced it with internal wounds incapable of healing. Still growing on the vine of life I've begun to rot at my core, abandoning all expectations that this existence could bare more. A different way of thinking I've tried to produce only to be hung by truth with a noose. So I'll stay locked in this cage of despair while you gaze through it completely unaware.

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