If Donald Trump isn’t a disgrace

If Donald Trump isn’t a disgrace, then no office holder in the United States can be labeled as such.

He is either prejudice, inept, or thoughtless - or all three.

The reign of Mr. Trump has been one continual deluge of malignant passions.

As president, he has hardly ever opened his lips, or pecked his thumbs, without threatening and denigrating.

The grand object of his term has been to aggravate the acrimony between the contending parties, spread falsehoods, and destroy every public figure who speaks against him.

Mr. Trump has labored, with tragic success, to break up the bonds of social affection, and under the ruins of confidence and camaraderie to smother the faint and wavering light of happiness that flickers through this dark and detestable absurdity of life.


(h/t William Howard Taft, Stephen Doughty, James T. Callender) 

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he is my hero,he is great

he is my hero,he is great

ron parrish