Never ToO Be Born

You can see the deepness of a persons soul through there eyes...imagine if you could see things clearly before you where conceived... would you wanna be born?

Dear mama.....

Do you remember when everything seemed right

When daddy held you in his arms tight

Together ya'll wished on the brightest twinkle in the night

You blew out the candles & he blessed your womb with a Precious seed

I grew inside you like summer Lily's in the spring

I know it was hard raising me & my brother alone while daddy's Was away in the military

You crumbled in pieces you didn't acknowledge me anymore

you became invisible in your own skin starving too be free Like a bird

You spreaded your wings & flew away from me

I wanted your affection but you push me too the side like a Whore

I watch from across the room as your eyes lit up like you Where perzest with depresson

He manipulated you into fallen in love with him

He got you curled around his finger like eve eating lies out The palm of his hands

How come you stood in the path of his flames I belong too you

Hurry save me before its to0o0o0o0.*sigh* well its to late

I died buried in a shallow garbage bag of dirty diapers

Washed away like rain on a windshield wiper

You can see the deepness of a persons soul through there eyes...

Imagine if I could see things clearly before I was conceived I would of chosen never too be born.....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the news

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

interesting piece but I wonder what the mother actually was feeling during the situations all going on. news exerps never go into that they sum up something and noone ever really knows the full story except the person involved in it. It's sad either way. powerful write!

Elvin Marks's picture

Wow! This is argubly one of the best poem that I have ever read in the world! I promise you! The deepness of this poem has so much quality that I can't ever start to describe it. The story, the similes, metaphors and visual descriptive imagery had all fell right in place, and it definitely touched my heart. I am personally going to print this poem out before I get off of the internet and archive this. I will always keep this piece close to my heart! Good job and may GOD continue to bless you forever! Peace!

yellowspecks's picture

Wow. This one was deep, and honestly i dont know my Would i chose this, could i chose some of it and not other T his one realy made me think and that always makes for a great read for me. ~Rae